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Chartered physiotherapy in Limerick, specialising in pain relief and orthopaedic rehabilitation. 

Evidence based practice putting you at the centre

Evidence based practice involves a combination of patient preferences, clinical experience and utilising the latest information available from scientific research.

As a member of the physiotherapy teaching staff at the University of Limerick, Clem Nihill places a large emphasis on keeping up to date with what the evidence indicates in terms of best practice care.

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our mission

At Clem Nihill Physiotherapy, it is not our intention to build a reliance on long-term, continued input from physiotherapy. Our goal here is to empower our patients through engagement and education.

This ensures patients are equipped with the knowledge and confidence to continue regaining independence and retake control of your potential. 

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ACL rehab lessons

I have been very fortunate since I graduated as a green and keen physiotherapist to have spent a large proportion of my career working within

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Taming the stallion

I’ve been a season ticket holder on the pain train for a number of years now not just because it is an interesting and complex

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