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Clem has over ten years experience in personal training, seven as a physiotherapist and many years working within the technology consulting industry.

This unique experience offers clients a breadth of knowledge and experience that can add value to each encounter. Each service provided is backed up by what the latest evidence base shows us works best for you the client.

If you want to find out more about how we can help you overcome barriers to movement and fulfilling your potential, please get in touch.


As a chartered physiotherapist working within the education sector, Clem provides care backed by the latest science.

​Clem provides a proven way to take back control of your movement and more importantly, fully understand what might be causing the pain to begin with. If you want to know more, please feel free to get in touch and book a free consultation.

sports massage

The evidence is clear that sports massages are great for relaxation, stress relief and improved sleep.

We offer 45 minute sports massages in clinic for those looking to unwind from a difficult training block or when life simply gets a bit hectic.

Put yourself first. Get in touch to book an appointment.


Following years of experience working as a Clinical Specialist in one of the largest Orthopaedic hospitals in the UK, The Royal Infirmary Edinburgh; Clem has developed a special interest in the rehabilitation of cruciate ligament ruptures.

If you have recently injured ligaments in your knee, please get in touch to discuss potential treatment options. Classes are also available to help reduce the cost of rehab.

Pitch side physio

Clem Nihill has over a decade of experience pitch side covering various sports including GAA, Rugby Union, Football and AFL across four different countries in Ireland, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

If you are looking for pitch side cover from a chartered physiotherapist for your team, please get in touch using the button below.

Frequently asked questions

For your convenience, here are some frequently asked questions from parents and our answers. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.

Please wear comfortable clothing to your appointment. Shorts and t-shirt however are advisable for the most part especially when a lower limb is needing assessed by physiotherapists.

We have a limited number of available slots during the working week. We endeavor to see all patients as soon as is necessary or requested. Please get in touch using the contact form to discuss available booking slots.

We are located in the grounds of the University of Limerick. There is ample parking available for patients in the North Campus Car Park.

A GP referral is not neccessary.

If you have any GP referral letters, MRI or x-ray reports, please bring a copy to help us better understand your history.

We may, on assessment, deem it necessary to refer your case onto the GP. This will be clearly communicated to both you and your GP in this instance.

Each patient presents with their own unique personal story and background. It is difficult to say how many interactions with physiotherapy you may need before no further input is neccessary.

Following your initial assessment at Clem Nihill Physiotherapy Limerick we aim to discuss the expected number of treatment sessions and how you can expect to manage your symptoms going forward.

We place a large emphasis on education and empowerment at our clinic, informed by the latest scientific evidence related to your presentation. Our goal is to facilitate self management of your condition and restoring you to your full potential.

If you need to cancel or re-arrange any appointments, please give us at least 24hrs notice.

A cancellation charge may be applied otherwise.

In 2019, Giovani Ferreira et al looked at over 70 different web sites from 6 English speaking countries containing patient information on the management of lower back pain.

Unfortunately, the team found less than 50% of those sites analysed contained accurate information. They state that those sites surveyed “provided mostly inaccurate information, and lacked comprehensiveness across all types of Lower Back Pain”.

An experienced clinician can help provide a complete assessment, identify any serious concerns and provide evidence informed recommendations for treatment.

Most health insurance policies offer money back on physiotherapy sessions. We recommend that all patients check their insurance policies prior to attending appointments.

Receipts will be requested by most insurance providers when claiming for treatments. Following each appointment at Clem Nihill Physiotherapy Limerick, a pdf copy of a receipt will be emailed to you.

Tax relief for all physiotherapy appointments can be claimed when filling out your tax return form. Please visit for further information.

The free consultation takes place over the phone and can last up to 15 minutes.

This offers members of the public the opportunity to discuss their story with a chartered physiotherapist and explore what can be done to help.

Following this discussion you are free to book in for an assessment or look elsewhere with no commitment necessary.

We can indeed provide virtual reviews if requested.

Our first preference for initial assessment is face to face but this is very flexible. Please get in touch to discuss this more.

"Clem was excellent, I was recommended through my footballing network to help with recovery of a torn adductor muscle and he didn’t disappoint. I would highly recommend his physiotherapy in Limerick if you’re in need of some assistance"

K. O'Leary - Google Review